More than 1,650 community residents in Elkhart and St. Joseph counties have been tested since the Beacon Mobile COVID Testing Unit launched in mid-April. The unit reaches out to residents in their neighborhoods, including underserved areas, and Beacon helps those who test positive get the care they need. The unit has also distributed thousands of fabric face masks. Ginny Schackow, director of physician practices, and Laura Kreger, senior project leader, Beacon Medical Group, explain the screening and testing process and how it has evolved since April. They also describe the willingness of community organizations to host the unit, and how the dedicated Beacon team has worked in snow, rain, wind and now the high summertime temperatures. Many of the residents who visit the testing unit would have otherwise not been tested. “We focus on areas that don’t always seek care because of social determinants and other factors,” Schackow said. “It’s part of Beacon’s commitment to focus on the underserved.”