Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At Beacon Health System, we are committed to exceptional, safe care for patients and support of our frontline healthcare heroes who work to meet our community’s critical medical needs. Our key experts continuously review new care guidelines and regional case status while ensuring our staff has the necessary equipment to provide the safest care possible.

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For individuals who have symptoms and are concerned they may have been exposed to coronavirus/COVID-19.

Beacon is working with state and local health experts in providing COVID-19 vaccinations for our community.

Call our free hotline for symptom screening, answers to your COVID-19 questions and helpful local resources. 

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Featured Stories

Maria Galvez hopes that by sharing her story, someone reading this will get vaccinated. She didn’t. Her husband didn’t. They wore masks and thought they’d be fine. Maria was hospitalized with COVID for 20 days. Her nurses helped her say good-bye to her husband on an iPad at Memorial Hospital. “I thought I was going to die. I cry and wonder when, when can I get rid of this?” Maria says, holding up the nasal tube connecting to an oxygen tank in her South Bend home. “We all need to get vaccinated now. … We are killing ourselves, instead of helping ourselves.” Dr. Ismail Al-Ani, Critical Care Pulmonologist, reiterates how most patients who are dying from COVID or who become sick enough to be hospitalized are unvaccinated. "Please take it," he says. "If you are not thinking about yourself, think about your neighbor, or think about our hospitals."