Getting to work is priority for all of us. We want to help you consider and prepare ways to do so in the healthiest way for you and your workforce. We’ve compiled some resources to help.

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Throughout Beacon’s COVID-19 response actions over the past several weeks, we have been laser-focused on providing exceptional care for our patients as well as working tirelessly to keep our associates and the communities we serve safe.

During this most unprecedented time, Beacon Health System is here for you and your employees. Our teams are prepared and committed to serving your company’s healthcare needs related to COVID-19 and beyond.

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Social Distancing & Protective Measures 

Keep your associates safe while preventing the spread of illness in the workplace.

Proper social distancing is an effective way to not only slow the spread of Coronavirus in your workplace, but our community as well. Slowing disease progression allows our front-line emergency and healthcare heroes to properly care for the most critical patients.

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Standard Precautions 

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Enhanced Protocols 

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